1. You will never ever have our consent to vaccinate us with an experimental drug, that the FDA has not approved. You are NOT listening to doctors all around the world calling for an end to the vaccine. You will be held responsible for crimes against humanity !!!
    We are free soverign beings and we do not consent !!!

    1. Which continues to stagger me – that he and his fellow cronies seem to be actively ignoring others good doctors and virologists from elsewhere! And isn’t that ironic when they take all their cues from Fauci and other dubious sources from elsewhere?!

  2. Well this is an interesting perspective. I have already had my first dose of the vaccine and so I guess I am going to turn into a robot then.

    1. You’ll be dead within 3 years. One less stupid person for the rest of us to have to look after … . On a more positive note though, take the advice commented on elsewhere and learn to research and think for yourself. With any luck (?) you will be tougher than all the animals that died in the testing that has been completed – every single one died.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Its great to know that my life expectancy has been cut so short. I watched the videos and I think I lost brain cells doing so. Im actually looking at Pro-Vaccine vs anti-vax people for school and your prospective on this very ethical issue is rather interesting, I cant wait to get my second dose of the vaccine soon so I can protect people who cant (or refuse) to get vaccinated because i’m part of the 5 million who chooses to unite against Covid-19.

  3. It’s the second does that can be most problematic for some actually. But not one person has any clue on the long term effects of this mRNA gene therapy. Not one. Except that many many doctors and virologists who are brave enough to speak out, have dire warnings. You have been warned too.

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