The Real News: issue 2 delivered

The Real News issue 2

75,000 copies of issue 2 has now been delivered throughout New Zealand.

The Real News is happening thanks to the hard work and generosity of many people. The Magazine Publishers donate their time and people who support FREEDOM (including Advance NZ supporters) have donated their money and volunteered their time to help deliver them.

Please note that no one in Advance NZ is paid for their work and all donations after basic infrastructure costs are utilised to print and deliver The Real News.

We are now fundraising for issue 3.

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Thank you freedom lovers.


  1. Wonderful work from Advance NZ. Thank you thank you thank you. These magazines are great and also Voices for Freedom and the work they are doing. You people are so needed in NZ as it systematically goes down the gurgler with the current govt and its stooges.

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