The Month the Tide Turned

A MILLION IN MOTION | The Month the Tide Turned | London May 2021

Oracle Films made this incredible film of the Million March – Saturday 29th May

The reality of what the BBC reported (only once mind) as ‘350 covidiots protesting against new taxes’ turns out to be a million strong army of anti government/freedom protestors. A procession 40 wide and four miles long in the city of London last weekend. It was also mirrored in Germany, we’re still getting details…

The Big Conceal

In fact who knows it’s probably happening everywhere, we’re being lied to on an industrial scale, everything is camouflaged, pushed into the shadows where it can be manipulated. Sadly for the MSM this is definitive proof of that, and with this in mind, anyone taking the main stream news as gospel is a fool and it’s our job to remind them of that.

The Reaction.

What reaction? Boris Johnson was conveniently getting married to Carrie in Westminster – not that he’d have the goonies to face a monster like this snaking past his residence and demanding his removal.

The game’s up, it’s just a matter of time now.

Thanks to Oracle Films for this amazing video of the day.

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