Pfizer Vaccine Victim Angelia Deselle

Pfizer Victim Angelia Deselle Speaks at Louisiana State Capitol – Seeking Support for Victims.

Angelia, a healthcare worker, managing a surgery facility, was a healthy 45-year-old with no underlying conditions when she took the Pfizer vaccine on the 5th of January 2021. Three days later, she woke up, paralyzed from the legs down. Angelia spent five days in Oscsner Hospital with not a lot of medical help and started having convulsions and seizures, and it has been a complete nightmare ever since. She takes a bag of seizure medicine with her wherever she goes, and she lost her job, can’t drive, and is a prisoner in her own home. Angelia communicates with over 300 people who have symptoms just like her, that have contacted her.

She reported her injuries to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) on the 21st of January because Ochsner Hospital would not report them. It took until the 5th of March to get a person on the phone at VAERS due to the backlog of vaccine injuries. 197,000 injuries from the vaccine so far (until 17th May 2021).


  1. Thankyou do much Angelia Deselle for speaking out about what that Pfizer vaccine jab has done to you, I am 71 years old an I have mild emphysema an ashma an for the last 5 years of being first diagnosed, I have been having the flu vaccine an since then I’ve never had any bronchial problems. I have inhalers an take them wen I need too but I’ve never even had the full blown flu like I use too before the flu jab. 2021 I’ve had my flu jab again early may. I feel awesum. I am refusing to have the covid test an vaccine jab an hope my families listen to us, thank you all so much, hope you recuperate from that jab God Bless you for speaking out to try to help others like me.❤❤

  2. We need more transparency around vaccine out comes that are negative so all of us yet to be vaccines can make more informed choices …I’m sticking to no vaccine for me..

  3. God bless Angelia and all other sufferers. It is incomprehensible that this should continue to happen.

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