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Why Does NZ Mainstream Media Constantly Miss the Point About Covid???

Is it because of the $55 million bestowed upon them – the “trusted media” (Jacinda’s words) – by a beneficent government eager for them to put the right spin on the story?

Just asking.

As many Kiwis now know, Jacinda in on record having pronounced from on high to the assembled reporters: “We will continue to be your sole source of truth” regarding the Covid story.

I didn’t notice any outrage coming from the “Fourth Estate” at that outrageous remark, no shrieks or even murmurs.

Just crickets.

They just swallowed hard; their paymaster had just spoken.

Just another day on the plantation.

That the press has bought into the patently ridiculous idea that the government is the sole source of “truth” means that any hope we might entertain that mainstream would do its job and investigate the true ramifications of this Covid pandemic – is misplaced and futile.

Remember this when you look at or pick up the NZ Herald. Much of your “news” has been bought and paid for, not only by big advertisers, but by a government beholden to a monumentally huge “Big Pharma” which has been “calling the shots” for many years, and is now fully determining what New Zealanders hear and see about Covid and other vaccines.

And I am not just referring to these poisonous, potentially DNA altering “shots”, although I can live with the double entendre.

I am referring to a government that knows who its boss is, just like the media know who’s its boss.

So it’s no surprise that New Zealand’s “trusted media” has gone along with the YouTube, social media and mainstream media censorship agenda, attacking New Zealand’s honest vaccine sceptics like The Real News, AdvanceNZ and Voices for Freedom together with thousands of doctors and scientists around the world.

– Including America’s Frontline Doctors which together with thousands of doctors worldwide came out strongly in favour of Hydroxychloroquine.

Many people here have stood with NZ’s courageous lawyer Sue Grey who has dared to notice that not only does the “official story” not stand up under scrutiny, governments the world over – including NZ – are using the pandemic to grab what amounts to dictatorial power over all our lives.

The facts, which our “trusted media” have refused to acknowledge, are simple:

  • There are several preventative and successful treatment options for Covid. These include Hydroxychloroquine with zinc, Ivermectin, intravenous vitamin C, vitamin D, and probably the amino acid lysine, among others.
  • Any of these when used appropriately can stop Covid in its tracks.
  • All are cheap as chips, and because they work, they are seen as a huge threat to vaccine companies like Pfizer and Moderna. Who would go for a poorly tested experimental vaccine when a few dollars worth of Ivermectin or intravenous vitamin C would do the job with few, if any, side effects?
  • Consequently there is not only an embargo on success stories in the mainstream media, there is a concerted effort by mainstream to rubbish those outlets like The Real News that dares to publish … well, the real news.
  • And shockingly the NZ Ministry of Health at this writing, more than a year since the pandemic began still does NOT recommend ANY therapies (drug or natural) to treat Covid-19, other than hand washing, social distancing, masks and vaccines. This is international and it’s an outrage.


Recently “official organs” like Radio NZ, The NZ Herald and have gone out of their way to disparage Voices for Freedom and The Real News for publishing “misinformation” – their new favourite word – with four articles up to now.

They never quite get around to telling anyone what this “misinformation” actually is. “Misinformation” is what the government is giving the people of New Zealand.


Instead they dredge up some pompous academics to riffle through The Real News on camera, trying to disparage the magazine with selected adjectives and shopworn epithets – but never once contesting the facts.

They question the qualifications of our writers, without ever acknowledging that our sources include medical journals like The Lancet, and official sites like VAERS, or even a highly respected German neurologist.

Instead they trot out people like Dr. Nikki Turner (who works for IMAC which promotes vaccination and gets funding from “private industry”) and “vaccinologist” Helen Petousis-Harris to tell the country how “safe and effective” the vaccines are. (She omits to say that the touted 95% efficacy of the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA Covid-19 vaccine was based on approximately two months follow up of trial participants.)

Petoussis-Harris is also on record as saying that there have been “hundreds of millions who have had [Covid vaccines] and there’s no indication they kill people.” Yikes.

This is a ridiculous statement in view of the cases of people who have developed severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) within a few minutes of Covid vaccination and subsequently died – despite the best efforts of medical staff to save their lives.

The website of the US government Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) includes thousands of reports on “Adverse Events” like deaths and serious new medical conditions following injection with experimental Covid jabs but people like Helen Petousis-Harris seem to want you to believe that this tidal wave of reported new medical conditions and deaths of recently vaccinated people is all a coincidence.


The fact is that in NZ, the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine was approved only for a “limited” number of recipients – not the entire country.

This has been the subject of a recent case in the High Court in which the judge agreed that the roll out of the Covid vaccine in NZ was not legal – but declined to stop the vaccination programme.

The NZ government’s response was to first issue a press release stating that they would update the law, and then to change the law so that the illegal roll out would become legal. (The phrase “making it up as they go along” comes to mind.)

And in the United States the Covid vaccines only have “Emergency Authorisation” from the FDA and not full approval, which may or may not come in 2022 and 2023.

However, although they don’t have any evidence for their assertions, mainstream media continue to fulfil their assigned role as “trusted media”.

So they puff themselves up with their titles, credentials and adjectives.

And hope that you haven’t been paying attention.

If you have been reading The Real News, you will know that its sources are impeccable, the evidence available for verification by anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

“Anyone” includes “trusted” journalists working for “trusted” media companies.

But they don’t want to look.

The facts might spoil their narrative.

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