NZ Government on Notice: The “S Protein” in the Pfizer Jab is a Toxin.

From: Sue Grey <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2021, 23:33
To: Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern <[email protected]>,
Hon David Parker <[email protected]>,
Hon Andrew Little <[email protected]>,
Hon Chris Hipkins <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>,
Chris James <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>

Dear Prime Minister, Attorney-General, Minister of Health, Minister of Covid, Minister or Seniors, Director General of Health and Chris

I attach below some new and very important research which I must assume your advisors have not yet provided to you, or the experimental Pfizer injection rollout would surely already have been suspended.

It is now clearly established that the SProtein is a toxin that causes the harmful symptoms known as “Covid”.

I surely don’t need to explain the legal, ethical and human rights consequences of a government knowingly promoting a program which intentionally injects a life threatening toxin into healthy people.

I also attach a report indicating that injected nanoparticles (and the SProtein) do not remain in the arm muscle but instead circulate throughout the whole body.

The combined effect is that the Pfizer jab injects mRNA to take over cells to manufacture the deadly SProtein toxin and this spread throughout much of the body, manufacturing the SProtein toxin for days and in some cases many weeks.

This explains why even the limited available research from the two months of study as summarised in the Comirnaty Data Sheet identifies possible harm to many different parts of the body including the heart, blood, brain, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, fainting and dizziness etc.

This is no longer just a shocking experiment. Everyone involved is now on notice of this “injection roulette” which may result in death or serious injury to previously healthy people. The health and safety implications for employers and those who push this jab, are significant.

No post injection death can legitimately be ruled out as being caused or contributed by the injection, at least not without a full coroner’s report. Certainly any post vax stroke, heart attack, other blood disorder, nervous system disorder or even suicide or car accident (known overseas as “vaccidents”) must prima facie be assumed to be caused or contributed to by the jab, at least until a full coroners report is undertaken.

Similarly it is not good enough to claim that our seniors who die post jab were frail and likely to die. Surely if they were that frail they should have been spared from the jab. Anyway, surely “deaths post Jab” should be treated consistently with “deaths post Covid”.

Despite the secretive, flawed and very passive official post jab injury reporting process ( CARM), and as a result of the more active community led follow up, you are already on notice of a number of deaths and life threatening and life changing harm from this injection. The deaths and harm will inevitably continue if there are any further injections. Perhaps initially you had an excuse that you thought the SProtein was “safe”. However now you are on notice that it is not “safe” by any definition.

Further, although you in privileged position are on notice, many members of the public who you were elected to represent remain deceived by misleading claims in crown propaganda that the jab is “safe and effective”. In these circumstances there can be no “Informed consent”., Each jab without Informed consent is in breach of the Health and Disability Code and is an assault.

In these circumstances, the ongoing program is surely criminal, and indeed may result in Homicide as defined by the Crimes Act:

158Homicide defined
Homicide is the killing of a human being by another, directly or indirectly, by any means whatsoever.

Compare: 1908 No 32 s 173
Anyone who aids, abets or otherwise incites homicide is a party to that homicide.

I note that the Director-General of Health has shared his view in sworn evidence that Covid is the most serious health issue for New Zealand in 100 years.

I invite you all to consider that claim very carefully and critically. Please put Covid in perspective against the many other challenges which we face, including for example heart attacks, strokes, cancer, suicide accidents and diabetes and the nitrate and other contamination of much of our water.

Surely you must agree that the harm is not from “Covid” but from the “Response to Covid”.

The best expert evidence is that the risk from Covid is similar to the risk from influenza. Many experts are now saying that Covid is simply a rebranding of influenza and colds, supported by PCR testing that was never intended as a diagnostic tool. The WHO says that PCR testing should not be used beyond 20-25 cycles. OIA responses indicate that in NZ PCR tests use up to 45 cycles, which simply multiplies any contamination.

Our government is about to enter dangerous new phase if it proceeds to inject more healthy New Zealanders with an injection that experts have established is toxic.

Apart from the direct harm to those who choose, or are bullied to accept this injection, there is considerable peripheral harm. This includes the contamination of our Blood Bank with SProtein. We can only speculate on the risks for vulnerable people who receive blood contaminated with this toxin.

Please stop and reflect. Please listen to international experts who are independent from Big Pharma and who are not invested in the Covid paradigm.

Please listen to the New Zealand scientific and medical experts who have put their careers and reputations on the line out of extreme concern.Please correct the misinformation that this injection is “safe and effective” and “approved by Medsafe” when in fact it did not meet the statutory criteria that “benefit exceeds risk”.

There is no imminent health risk from suspending the program. Dr Bloomfield’s sworn evidence was that the risks were mainly financial and reputational.

Please find the courage to challenge whoever is driving this, and any who act on dogma rather than evidence, reason or ethics.

The future of New Zealand depends on your courage to step up and make this critical call for our people.

I urge you to listen, engage and act in the public interest.

Please put aside your pride and the dogma, and suspend this program.

I am happy to assist however I can.

Sue Grey LLB (Hons), BSc (Biochemistry and Microbiology), RSHDipPHI

Co-leader NZ Outdoors Party
[email protected]
[email protected]


  1. Good on you Sue, we pray that people’s eyes will be open. In my little town four elderly have died since having their vaccinations and that’s just the ones that we know. If someone dies in a car crash, it’s on the news, if someone is swept off the rocks and drowns, it’s on the news, if someone is killed on a motorcycle, it’s on the news, if someone dies from covid, it’s on the news, but if anyone dies from the vaccine, there is no mention on the news. They would tell you that an elephant at the zoo died but no one with a vaccine….just saying keep up the good fight

  2. Great letter Sue
    It is for NZ to get behind you now.
    Many of us have known the dangers for some time.
    Unite and rid the drug.

  3. Will they listen or ignore l refused today at the doctors. sugg to him it was poisonous protein no response

  4. Thank you Sue for being so proactive and courageous in challenging the devastating mRNA injections. My question is, “How will they safely dispose of the millions of doses already purchased that need to be kept stored at a well below freezing temperature?” Yet another challenge and big responsibility for the government? Will this add to human safety and environmental issues?

  5. I understand that the spike protein actually pools in the liver, bone marrow, brain and even ovaries. Can somebody please update me on how long these SP’s are expected to remain there?

  6. An articulate,factual email Sue to the appropriate authorities who are totally misusing their authority without FULL INVESTIGATION & FACT finding to total damage NZers for life! This is a serious crime against humanity when they now have clearly been given the Protein S facts . Who is paying off the government stooges to implement this vicious dangerous plandemic vaccination against innocent people?Why was Gates here for 24 hrs, met Ardern privately then flies out? no comment by Ardern why Gates was here. The masses of NZers finally waking up and getting in behind Sue Gray and her strong team is rapidly growing by now day by day.The awakening by the people that they have been conned! A courageous and gallant lady taking this stance on all our behalf for our welfare and our next generation of NZers.

  7. It’s simply a global cull of 7 billion people. These people are so invested in pushing the NWO they will pull as many strings and lie without remorse to serve their evil masters! They are a joke!

  8. Thank you Sue … forever grateful. People I love and care about have taken this poison; on ‘good advice’ from drs, main stream media, health representatives and government. My heart is maemae

  9. As a retd NZRN (very experienced) I applaud you Sue Gray for your courage & encouragement to all other NZers to avoid having this Covid-19 “VACCINE” injected into their body. There is much relevant information available on the ‘web’ – available to all willing to seek the info & do the reading. There are pertinent warnings of hundreds of medical doctors world-wide. To all who read my comment: DON’T BELIEVE the Powers That Be here in Godzone – about virtually ANYTHING – but especially about the incredibly dangerous COVID vaccines.

  10. I’ve been trying to be a voice against covid crap right from the the time we were told we could go to church, not once did I hear or see any of my loved ones get sick apart from a nagging cough, then about March I was invited to a meeting at our medical centre & I said I was dead set against the injection, I argued my point, a few got up & look at walked out ones who were invited didn’t like what I had to say & I apparently my head was to far stuck up my ass to know anything about it, I said I would never encourage my family & love ones to take it, I’ve taken notice of doctors & and dying patients talking about this covid crap on utube, On reading this Sue you don’t have to convince me it’s dangerous, I’ve often wondered how many people in Atearoa have died since this injection been here it would be interesting know, keep up the good work.

    I see the High Wire (ICAN ) leader Del Bigtree of the USA, they have pursuaded New York to ammend their advertising in regard to Govenor Cuomo ,THE SAME THING NEEDS TO HAPPEN WITH THE SMILING ASSASIN PRIME MINISTER JACINDA UNDER THE NUREMBERG CODE using deliberate lies and NAZI propaganda . in the advertising ‘Unite Against Covid ‘ is a breach the bioweapons, and the “Code”
    I have been following the HIghwire and Natural News Mike Adams for the past year, and just recently, following Richard Flemming this should be the bases of a ‘class action.’ against the NZ Government for “The Carnage Caused Within NZ”

  12. Bravo Sue! I love it… Brilliant letter…… Any response? If there is no response, what is the next step? Gesara? Exciting times…. Thank you so much… Behind you 100%

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