Magnetofection Technology in the Jabs

Stew Peters interviews Dr Jane Ruby who clarifies that the magnetic effects that Covid vaxxed people have experienced is due to ‘Magnetofection’, which uses Supramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (SPIONS) to force mRNA into people’s cells.

Stew Peters interviews Dr. Jane Ruby, who confirms the magnetic effects that Covid vaxxed people have experienced. She says it is a deliberately made substance added to the vaccines. This shows criminal intent. It was added because it is an aggressive delivery system to get it into EVERY cell of your body. The process is called ‘Magnetofection’ and is available in scientific literature such as Pubmed. It concentrates the mRNA into people’s cells and forces your body to make these synthetic mRNA instructions even in places where they shouldn’t be located within the body.

It is a ‘forced delivery system’ and is called by the acronym SPIONS – Supramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles. These particles use a lipid nanoparticle envelope to gain entry into the cells. It is done this way to protect mRNA because mRNA is easily degraded. This is also why the Pfizer vaccines are refrigerated at -70 degrees Fahrenheit as another form of protection.

A German company on the internet called ‘Chemicell’ sells different chemicals that can make these magnetic fields around your molecules. You can buy 200 microgram vials of their product called ‘Polymag.’ These are developed and sold for research purposes only and are not to be used for human diagnostic or as a component of any drug intended for humans.

However, at least Pfizer and Moderna are using this substance in their vaccines. Therefore it is vital that anyone thinking of taking a shot should obtain a complete ingredient list to have full informed consent and to postpone getting the Covid Jab, as each day brings further information into the public domain. Dr. Ruby is asked if this was deliberate by the manufacturers and answers that this substance doesn’t occur naturally. It had to be added to the vaccine.

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