1. “into the arms of communist China” Oooh how terrible is that!
    We are already in the arms, the clutches of America and how’s that going?
    It’s all very well exposing the real J Adern, she is certainly a nefarious politician but despite her faults she is taking the only course open to NZ by maintaining good relations with our biggest trading partner. The future lies with Russia and China.
    If NZ ERS can’t see this they are blind as well as stupid. It is one thing to say “wake up” it is quite another to live it.
    Whatever happens the future does not lie in the moronosphere, the west, that’s over.

    1. True but if past and present politicians hadn’t dragged NZ covertly into the crocodile pit over many years through underhanded self serving deals the NZ people wouldn’t be in this situation now would they?

    2. Clearly a Communist appeaser.
      It’s not just about Trade
      The CCP has yet to learn how to conduct itself and behave responsibly on the global stage.
      The Chinese People are industrious and the vast Majority would see no better outcome than the total annihilation of the CCP as being the most acceptable outcome
      Prostuting ones national interest for the sake of political expediency is, for all intents, Treason of the highest order.
      Ardern and it’s troupe of merry little miscreants need to go.

    3. Well I can only say one thing to you Robert McConnell you are either an idiot or a coward or likely both! How dare you call NZers blind and stupid!!! We are a country full of people fighting for our freedom unlike you we are NOT prepared to lie down and let China walk all over us!!! It is people like you who are perpetuating this lie that our future lies with China.

    4. I disagree about the the red danger and the yellow peril being the
      future . If NZ ers did share your opinion , then they would be both blind and stupid !
      Either of those two giants will devour you and spit you out in a whim.
      West is not ideal but to jump from fat to fire is Moronic…

  2. Well you Kiwis – you were offered the REAL Social Credit in the 1980’s, and you all turned it down !!!!!!!! more fools you – for this is what we of the SC Party could see coming…. We had the very BEST Manifesto, with all Bases covered, and the Future was to be very bright for our people.. but you all believed Bob Jones, proving MONEY was much preferred to Excellence and Success in every form of Education for the future Generations… Now you are in a terrible mess, with little chance of getting out of it … So be prepared to lose your homes and lands to the Commie Guru, and hardship that you will weep at, such will be the agony…. I dont mention GOD because most of you dont believe in Him – but for those who do, get baptised of water and Spirit ASAP, so you have His Covering over you in the Days to come !!!!

    1. You are so right bara, the ignorance of people & Amen to being baptised in the name of Jesus Christ.

  3. Hmm well based on the track record of China and comparing it with Germany 1930s there’s a lot of similarities… uighurs, Taiwan, South China sea, Tibet. What’s next?

  4. The trialateral commission has been in the ccp from the late 70s china is america .. ardern is a globalist and is following the globalist UN one world plan to a t . She is a satanist and truly either an awful person or has suffered trauma as a child .

  5. For one. She isn’t American
    And two. She isn’t a Satanist
    Where are you getting this information from?

    1. Anyone who has done their homework knows the Freemasons are closet Satanists. Just pick up the book “Morals and Dogma” by Albert Pike and see for yourself. Most have no clue what the globalists have planned for the world. There is no way to stop them now. Their blood pacts have bound the most powerful and influential in this world to eternal servitude under lord Lucifer. Communism is not their end goal, but simply a vehicle for the final destination. Strap in, the bus has already left the station.

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