1. Your comment TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT OTHERS TO TREAT YOURSELF. This is rule number one that I taught my only daughter to use in her life.

  2. Thank you Dr Wojcik for being such a brave and honest man and for being a true and patriotic Kiwi.

  3. Thank you you are greatly loved and repected for doing this…we need you as Kiwi s so much.from Mary RN BH sc

  4. Yes I would like to echo Mary Malcolms comment, and add that this eminently qualified Doctor of not only conventional allopathic medicine, but also integrative medicine (sometimes known as complementary medicine), and genuinely caring, thoughtful, and truly wise human being; is a Hero, and should be not only considered carefully by elected representatives in parliament, but lauded and recognised for his service to our country. What an amazing man. Thankyou Damian for your integrity, bravery and loving service to New Zealanders, and our cousins around the world.

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