About Us

Who We Are:

Advance NZ is a political party with a difference.  A truly grassroots movement that has come into existence by people standing up against an increase in oppressive power being exerted by the New Zealand Government.

What We Stand For:

  • Entrenching a constitutional bill of rights that gives the court the power to strike down inconsistent legislation.
  • Citizen initiated BINDING referendums (triggered by 100,000 valid signatures). This is true democracy where the people rule.
  • Media outlets that receive Government funding must publicly debate all current issues in a robust way to help guide democratic voting.
  • Government initiated BINDING referendums we would trigger are…
    1. Firearm restrictions to be voted on. Suggest increased vetting and restrictions on ownership, instead of restrictions on guns.
    2. 1080 poison use to be voted on.
    3. Fluoride medication of water supply to be voted on.
    4. Compliance with all UN Agreements to be voted on.
    5. Compliance with all WHO Agreements to be voted on.
    6. Compliance with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change to be voted on.
    7. The role and size of Government to be voted on. (Note: more Government means less freedom)
    8. Immigration restriction to be voted on. (Restriction reduces the demand and cost for housing).
  • 5G safety study to be undertaken by the Government owned Institute of Environmental Science Research (ESR).
  • Politicians on the public payroll having to sign an enforceable code of ethics (Liars to be dishonourably discharged from public service).

Advance New Zealand wants a fairer New Zealand with a Government that is by the people and for the people.